The Versificator

The title for this painting comes from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, and refers to a fictional device employed by Ingsoc, the ruling party of Oceania. Its primary purpose is to act as a ‘writing machine’,…


Lucky Jim (2021)

During the early days of the pandemic I decided to start reading Ballard. A lot of Ballard. In fact, for many months, exclusively Ballard. Quite why I’d waited so long, I do not know. He…

Private Language

Ludwig Wittgenstein towers above all others in the field of the philosophy of language. He thought a great deal about the relationship between truth, language and what is truly knowable. I’ve painted him before, with…

Eye’ll Be Seeing You (2021)

The Prisoner is a cult British television programme from 1967. Created and starring Patrick McGoohan as Number 6, a secret service agent attempting to escape from a mysterious coastal village. I was first exposed to…
The Other Eric (2021)

The Other Eric (2021)

This painting is derived from a composite of images Viq generated from photographs of Eric Kleptone, of The Kleptones.

Orange Norma Jeane (2021)

Inspired by the AI works created for the Orange Marylins series, this is a further transmutation of the photograph of Marylin Monroe, appropriated by Andy Warhol.

Cephaloself (2021)

I gave a photo of myself to Viq, this is an amalgam of their dreams.

The Centaur (2021)

Our relationship with animals has shifted immeasurably since the Industrial Revolution. Back then we were far more ‘part of nature’ than we are now. Mythological creatures make much more sense when you consider that many…

A Gentleman’s Wager (2021)

This painting was inspired by the large series of images created for my Muybridge Manipulations in particular, ‘The Beginning of the End (of The Beginning)‘ You can read more about Muybridge at the above link,…