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A Gentleman’s Wager (2021)

A Gentleman’s Wager – acrylic on canvas 400mm x 300mm

This painting was inspired by the large series of images created for my Muybridge Manipulations in particular, ‘The Beginning of the End (of The Beginning)

You can read more about Muybridge at the above link, however the title of this piece alludes to the circumstances of Muybridge’s original sequence of horse images – legend has it that it was inspired by a bet.

Allegedly Leland Stanford believed that all four feet of a racing horse leave the ground, whereas Muybridge believed at least one foot always remained on terra firma – a bet which Muybridge lost, through the aid of his technology.

Today it seems absurd that such faster-than-the-human-eye events were unknown. The dilation and contraction of time through high-speed and time-lapse photography is so familiar to us that the effects are used liberally throughout film and television and we hardly notice.