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100% Disingenuous

I recently came across my CD of 100% Genuine, an obscure release from Rephlex records from 1999.

It contains a series of audio recordings from an unknown sex-line service – a series of fascinating, often hilarious, personal ads revealing a wide range of sexual proclivities.

The ads themselves frequently contain physical descriptions (e.g. “My name is John, I’m 37 years old, I’m 5 foot 8 tall, I have dark hair.”) – I used these as prompts to generate possible identities for the anonymous voices.


The original recordings were made over twenty years ago and these lonely, sex-hungry people are now much older, or perhaps even deceased.

Horny ghosts from a pre-Tinder analogue world.


(Needless to say, the majority are #nsfw, so if you’re feeling brave you’ll have to make an extra click and watch all 28 on YouTube.)

100% Disingenuous