Latest Works

Shardonnay – Gay Skynet (is gonna funk you up)

A few years ago, my friend and sometimes collaborator, the author John Higgs was kicking around the idea that a future super-intelligent AI may not inevitably take over the world and destroy us (as suggested…


Mon subconscient est baisé

I have long held a fascination with #manufacturedauthenticity. Authenticity is what we seek out in art (and across our lives, more generally). Many of my previous works have investigated how machine generated interventions can appear…

DRASS – choose your fighter

cohen, cave, bush, dick, crowley, falkous, bosch, diggs, ballard, borges, dali, bacon, nietzsche, Hopper, sartre, newton, prince, plath, von hagens, albini, houellebecq, basquiat, khalo, machiavelli, freud, ouspensky, marx, van gogh, hawking, orwell, o'keeffe, monroe, man…

blert – crowspiracy

The vast majority of current artistic activity around AI systems is in the visual domain. However, tools are arriving daily which operate in different domains. One area I find particularly fascinating is speech and music…

blert – bill is dead

the finger creatures of the deep

Herewith, a brief nature documentary about previously undiscovered undersea finger creatures video created with #zeroscope , script by #chatGPT , voiceover by algo-attenborough (who says #AI can’t do hands?! )

blert – growing boys

I came across a 1950s christian anti-wanking record and I decided to chop it up and make it into something new. The video clips care of the every wonderful Prelinger archive, sneakily manipulated with some of that #AI stuff everyone seems to…

DRASS – Zen and the Art of Procrastination EP

The full EP of songs is now available everywhere (e.g. Spotify) All 4 videos in a convenient playlist:

DRASS – see it, say it, slaughtered

Third track from DRASS. Available to stream from all the usual places.

DRASS – Shadow of Doubt

The second AV track from DRASS. The video is based around a 1923 clip of a dancer, processed with Stable Diffusion. 100 years later, she is reborn, dancing to a new tune, with a little…

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted / We Should Exterminate All Rational Thought