4 thoughts on “The uncertain cat (2005)”

  1. Uncertain? I think not. Astronomically, this perfectly illustrates that there are groups of hundreds of thousands of very young stars packed into an unbelievably small volume in our own galaxy. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is conjunct Leo and Mecury is no longer retrograde. Horologically, I can easily ascertain that the time is approximately a quarter till five. Meteorologically, I know that warm temperatures and humid air combined with a stubborn stationary front will spark heavy rains tomorrow. Theologically, it strengthens my belief that God is all powerful, that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe, and that purgatory does indeed exist. Instinctually, I suspect Schrodinger may have killed his cat.
    Unless of course it just means meow.

  2. There are two possible outcomes to the solution of quantum dynamics. One, that all is chaos, we are set adrift on a journey of entropic decay, where our illusion of free will is bedded on a irreducible series of mathematical descriptions, we will both know everything and nothing, simultaneously. Two, that all can be explained, from top to bottom, beginning to end, with some funky equations that no one, but a select few understand. In this case, we have no free-will, all is determined, if only we had a computer powerful enough to compute the quantum states of all the atoms in the universe simultaneously, we could predict the future. I’m a subscriber the the former, though the latter poses no real problem for me.
    And, of course, the cat is saying meow – what else would a cat say?
    It’s what she’s thinking that counts…

  3. So you’re taking a binary stance? Right. I’ve been mousetrapped. It’s a good thing I like cheese.
    So it’s what she’s thinking that counts… well then, now that I think about it… if I were Schrodinger’s cat, he would have not only let me out of the box, he would have also bought me a fuzzy catnip toy, stroked my back lovingly, provided me with a pink velvet pillow, a nice cold bowl of milk, and plenty of tasty treats. He would have also tried to give me a shiny rhinestone collar, but I would have been indifferent to that.

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