e coli (2006)

acrylic on canvas 610mm x 610mm

E Coli lives in the human large intestine and assists with waste processing, vitamin K production and food absorbtion. The average human defactes between 100 billion and 10 trillion E Coli bacteria every day.

4 thoughts on “e coli (2006)”

  1. Hello!
    This is Anna Diaz and I am writing from NUEVEOJOS, an audiovisual production company from Barcelona (Spain). We would like to contact you because we would like to use this image of Escherichi coli as part of the contents for the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona.
    I would like you to contact me as soon as possible, so we could discuss the terms and conditins of its usage.
    Thanks a lot,
    Anna Diaz

  2. My dad was a microbiologist. When I was a kid, he took me all around our town to gather water samples, which we tested for e. coli for the science fair. We found it a few places, but not in places people would drink out of. We won first prize. This wasn’t really fair. Not every kid’s dad was a microbiologist with access to an actual laboratory. We lost him a few years ago and had a good several months until then. This is my first, maybe only tattoo. He would be both pleased and very annoyed.
    Yours is the best image of an e. coli I’ve found anywhere, and have liked it for years.

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