Brighton Pride 2006

Brighton Pride, one of the best freak-gatherings available to man. So it was only fitting that shardcore should be there to contribute to the chaos. Approximately 50,000 beautiful freaks descend on Preton Park for this event each summer, and this year that meant 50,000 beautiful freaks walking right past the front door of ‘Brighton’s smallest gallery’.So, we came, we saw, we opened shardcorner, my friend Ian and I spent several marvellous hours drinking cava and being propositioned by a bewildering array of characters.In honour of the parade, we were selling shardcore limited edition gay scientist water. Twelve different scientists to collect, however no one had the foresight to choose to purchase the complete set…
While sales were brisk at points, I think overall we would’ve had more success selling poppers.
I did take the opportunity to display ‘Turing and Snow White’ and ‘Big Cock’, which brought a number of appreciative comments from the gathered throng.
All in all we had a fantastic time, and as ever, it was a delight to see that you can put so many wasted people in a confined space and not need to worry about violence breaking out.

5 thoughts on “Brighton Pride 2006”

  1. most punters chose the ‘pot luck’ approach of picking a scientist at random, however a couple of trends did emerge:
    i) lesbians would not buy gay men, and preferred to search out lesbian scientists
    ii) the more fashion conscious gay men would ask ‘which is the most famous one?’

  2. The (straight) people in my building seem most amused by the idea of \’gay water\’, I\’m not having any difficulty in giving these \’\’ bottles away at all…

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