My Legacy (2007)

It seems fitting on this day, as Blair announces the date of his departure, to display a recent digital work.
This is a Hybrid Image of Blair and Thatcher – a digital print of this image currently on display at the Open House alongside Cameron/Thatcher and Bush/Nixon. It should be noted that I’m not the first to create a Tony/Maggie hybrid, Aude Oliva & Philippe G. Schyns have produced one before.
The image of Blair is visible ‘close up’, but if you step away from the screen a few feet, you’ll see the ghoulish face of Thatcher.

4 thoughts on “My Legacy (2007)”

  1. just about the scariest thing I’ve seen. ever. she’s too masculine, he’s too feminine…
    and people wonder why I don’t vote…

  2. it’s most disconcerting and i want to avert my gaze. why can’t i look away dammit? hey wait a minute. this better not be some nefarious psychological manipulation…

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