Ted, as Saint Sebastian (2007)

Herewith a portrait of my good friend Ted, painted on the occasion of his marriage to Karen next week. The pose is, of course, of the Christian Martyr Saint Sebastian. Saint Sebastian has been painted innumerable times, and has become iconic – this particular pose is borrowed from the version painted by Zoppo in the 15th Century.

acrylic on canvas 812mm x 304mm

3 thoughts on “Ted, as Saint Sebastian (2007)”

  1. unfortunately no video this time – mainly because this long vertical portrait canvas doesn’t really suit being filmed and then shrunk to youtube size.
    don’t worry, more video shennanigans on their way…

  2. I like it. Wish him well.
    Of course St. Sebastian has been taken up as the patron saint of those men who tend *not* to get married, except in modern civil ceremonies, but nevertheless…

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