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shardcore on the radio

Tomorrow (17/10/07), sometime after 5pm (BST), I’ll be being interviewed on Reverb Radio here in Brighton. You can listen live on 97.2fm if you’re in the area, or listen to a live stream online if you’re not.
I’ll try and get a copy as an mp3 and upload it here once the interview is over.
It’s worth noting that the last time I was on the radio, it was in New York, and I managed to accidentally utter a ‘rude word’ which resulted in the program being pulled from the air. This time I shall make an effort to be more polite…

14 thoughts on “shardcore on the radio”

  1. If your interview will be aired during Latest Soup, then it appears it will be repeated at midnight – just an extra tidbit of info. for those on other continents who could be in the middle of work, a mid-day wank session, or a class in Russian. Otherwise, you really have no excuse to not listen.
    I’m dying to know, what was the ‘rude word'(and was it really accidental)?

  2. Damn fine slot you had there! I am now disturbed to know that you were once a male model. Surely some things don’t bear exposure? This fact doesn’t appear to be mentioned in your wikipedia ##SECRET IDENTITY REDACTED## profile…

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