MASS painting video

Barrington (2008)

The first portrait of my own for the MASS exhibition I’m organising in May. This is a painting of Barrington, the father of a friend of mine.

acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm

Below is a time lapse recording of the painting process, music by thetinyorganismsthatliveinsidevirgiliulamsbody

4 thoughts on “Barrington (2008)”

  1. I might have been watching you paint during the time lapse video, but the music had me experiencing something completely different. I think it was divine conception. In fact, the messiah is currently gestating within my womb. I better go work on my kegels.

  2. that track was written way back in 1995, during a an otherwise creatively barren period, due to extenuating circumstances… it’s called ‘ben’ because it’s ben playing the viola – in case you haven’t seen him, he looks like this – now you know what he sounds like too.
    i cannot be held responsible for immaculate conceptions as a result of my works, however i do expect 50% of all profits, should the son/daughter of god emerge…

  3. I dig all the nods you give in your work to fairy tales. Some at a meta level like this piece, other more overt references like Snow White and beanstalks, and of course, the ones like your platypus that allow me to easily misinterpret as such. It reminds me of my campaign to be president.

  4. fairy tales and immaculate conception…. gee, grandma, what a big canvas you have! this is one of your strongest portraits so far in my opinion. i can’t say i got pregnant looking at it but i’m willing to give it a try in a more traditional manner. call me.

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