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The General (2008)

The third MASS painting, the General. The Minotaur of Greek mythology was the result of the union of Pasiphae and a bull. He dwelt inside the labyrinth and devoured anyone who entered. Here the minotaur is presented as an Army General – you can draw your own conclusions. This painting is to form part of a triptych, watch this space for the other two…

acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm

3 thoughts on “The General (2008)”

  1. I am probably getting a bit comment happy, for that…I apologize. But I LOVE this. If you want to donate it to a very nice American girl…I volunteer. I love his scowl and bloodshot eyes. How every inch of his face just oozes the hardness of the military and what he must have done to achieve a 4 star rank. And yet you put his watch at 8:20 (or 4:40?) so that we read it at 10:10…As though there needed to be something uplifting about him. I don’t think I would like it as much if it was 9:15.

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