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Richard and Marvin (2008)

Once upon a time the term ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ was used as an insult, it’s a testament to how far we have come that now we can comfortably talk of ‘geek chic’, and those who were once the oppressed have now become the champions. This painting is of my friend Richard, someone who is proud to be a geek, and has no shame in it.
UPDATE Wow, first Boing-Boing then Gizmodo decided to blog about the painting, welcome strangers, please take your time to look around.

Acrylic on canvas 600mm x 600mm

I’ve painted him in a server room, since that is one of his natural habitats, and in this room we find Marvin, the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Marvin is apparently ‘doing his bidding’ and bringing him that icon of British geekery, a 48k ZX Spectrum. Is this the geekiest painting ever painted?
Upon seeing the painting, Sacha asked whether Marvin was ‘enjoying’ the spectrum in a not entirely natural manner. Perhaps Marvin is trying to alleviate his depression.

7 thoughts on “Richard and Marvin (2008)”

  1. There’s a sly glint in his eye. I can’t help thinking he’s got a chainsaw in his hand!

  2. I can’t look at an internet geek without contemplating how many hours a day he/she spends perusing internet porn sites such as redtube, youporn, etc.
    Am I projecting?

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