Human Immunodeficiency Virus (2008)

HIV has been on my list of pathogens for a while. Of course virii are far far too small to take meaningful pictures of, even with SEM, so a degree of interpretation is required. From a human perspective, AIDS is a dreadful disease, however a part of me can’t help but be impressed with the stealth with which this particular organism infiltrates its host. By replicating the protein coatings of white-blood cells, it is able to completely elude attack from the very cells sent to destroy it.
There are of course trillions of virii in each and every one of us at any time, the vast majority producing no symptoms whatsoever, but this does not mean they aren’t busily using our cells to reproduce themselves, weaving their DNA into ours. There is a massive ecosystem of infectious agents at work on your body right now, and you have absolutely no idea. HIV is just one of these agents, but the consequences of infection are devastating.
I will be exhibiting this painting on Sunday 30th November as part of 100 Artists for World AIDS day

Acrylic & Silicone on Canvas 600mm x 600mm

3 thoughts on “Human Immunodeficiency Virus (2008)”

  1. The painting has character, and a creepy one at that. I hope it sells for much money on Sunday.
    Nice writeup also. I learn more science in shardcore’s blog posts than I ever did at school.

  2. for some reason this painting calls to me a fantastical twisted scifi type tale. The way you have depicted it is so menacing, the growths (I know so little about science or terminology) reaching out to cause a universe of harm…

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