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shardcore in Dutch University Philosophy Textbook

One of the more bizarre places to find myself published, but pleasing none-the-less. The Dutch Open University have kindly chosen to feature my painting of Schopenhauer and Hegel in their latest textbook.

I don’t speak Dutch, so I can’t tell you what’s been written beneath it…

2 thoughts on “shardcore in Dutch University Philosophy Textbook”

  1. here is what google translate has to say about it.
    summary of both the men would actually have been less enjoyable.
    schopenhaeur was quite critical of hegel: ‘but the main dish of brutality in the same nonsense in the collapsed jumble of meaningless, mad word stall, which is so far only in mad houses had learned, finally made hegel to the day and was tool for collided general mystification that has ever existed, with a success that the offspring will be fabulous, and that a monument will remain in german obtuseness’
    yes, i think that about sums it up.

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