mixed media painting

The Mask of Thanatos (2009)

A change in tone and a change in style. And what better way to cleanse the pallette than to eschew all previous techniques and start afresh. This piece is a stencil, in silver, black, grey and red. I’ve painted on the back of the canvas, as a hat-tip to the master. The canvas is framed in found objects; stones, lightbulbs, plastic ants, safety pins, toy parts, transistors and other drossy ephemera.

Spray paint and found objects on canvas, 406mm x 406mm

4 thoughts on “The Mask of Thanatos (2009)”

  1. oh wow i love this. but i can’t get the feel of the bits and parts from this snap. can you post some closeup shots of the frame? i’d like an idea of the depth and texture. i want to see the little ant faces and the sharpness of the glass and the transistor poinks and twirls.

  2. Okay, I have one more thing to say.
    After getting into paleoanthropology/osteology/forensics in my biological anthropology class last year, I’ve found I am strangely aroused whenever I view a cranium/postcranium. I am not usually the sort to subscribe to deviant fetishes, but I think I could definitely embrace this one.
    There’s something hypnotic and transfixing about viewing a cranium in this fashion. The hollows of the orbits are just as entrancing for me with or without eyes. The hollows beneath the zygomatic bone are somehow more punctuated without the mandible there to form a boundary. Why is the cranium more aesthetically appealing without the presence of its mandible?
    I’ve also found I tend to appreciate when you have changes in tone and style.

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