In the land of the blind… (2014)

Three weeks ago I crashed my bicycle. I was knocked unconscious for half an hour, broke my shoulder, etc etc. Most troubling is an injury to the nerves controlling my right eye. Apparently the prognosis is ‘most people’ ‘spontaneously recover’ ‘within six months’ – which is some comfort, but not quite a certainty.
In the meantime, I’m wearing an eyepatch, which is quite an impediment for a normally-binocular visual artist.
Still at least I’m alive.
This tiny canvas (20cm x 20cm) is the result of my first attempt at picking up a brush since the accident. It’s a ‘selfie’ (as I believe the youngsters call them). I’m calling it “In the land of the blind…”
In the land of the blind...

1 thought on “In the land of the blind… (2014)”

  1. This is almost as great as the news that you survived your accident.
    I will do you the honor of refraining from any pirate jokes.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

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