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…made this for…

The internet, and especially the device we keep in our pocket, has been blamed for destroying our attention and stealing our creative impulses. “Put that device down, and go outside and play”, we implore our offspring, whilst tapping and swiping our own lives away.
However, just because we’re tapping a screen, does not mean we cannot create. Indeed social media, with it’s ‘direct connection to celebrity’ has spawned a particular form of fan art which is a direct result of these interactions. Fans make fan art, be it drawings, vines, videos or digital collages and desperately tweet them at their idols in the hope of connection. The absurdity of this phenomenon has been noted before, but to my knowledge no one has taken an automated approach to gathering these artworks.

B1b8d2NCYAAu19S B1ajKJJCQAEoJS9 is a tumblr created by scanning twitter for the phrase ‘made this for’ and posting any media it finds. The majority of the posts are of fan art, however it also captures more intimate connections between individuals, which are equally fascinating in their own way.


We are witnessing a new kind of folk art, born of the (perceived) breakdown of communication hierarchies between fan and star. Personally, I find this fascinating, perhaps you do to.

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