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Watching the Trump campaign from the UK, I have been struck by the images of Trump supporters, people who will queue in the baking sun for hours to take part in the horrorshow of a Trump rally.

I am fascinated and terrified by these baying crowds. Who are these people? How can they not only accept, but openly embrace an ideology of hate?
Each of them is a human being, equipped with the same faculties for intelligence and empathy, yet they are apparently so enamoured with this man that they are blind to the hatred and lies he speaks.
This bot examines them, one by one, to try and see the humanity.
@everytrumpette draws from the large corpus of photographs of the attendees of Trump rallies. A face detection algorithm identifies a member of the crowd, and then zooms in. A unique soundtrack is created from samples of Trump’s own words.

Whatever your feelings about Hillary Clinton, the fact remains that Donald Trump is clearly an entirely unsuitable leader of the United States. Much has been written about the danger that he represents, yet in the increasingly polarised climate of American (and UK) politics, it seems rationality is taking second place to emotion.
I understand the desire for ‘something different’ or ‘anything but these bastards’, and that desire undoubtedly drives some to find answers in the fringes of politics. However, Trump’s nomination by the Republican Party legitimises a fascist ideology of hatred and mistrust which can only be counter to the advancement of humanity.
Unfortunately, appealing to fear is a vote winner.
We’ve seen it before, and it doesn’t end well for anyone.
If you have a vote, please use it wisely.

The bot will post every 2 hours until November 9th 2016.