algo bot


The UK Government’s (lack of) position on the execution of Brexit would be laughable, were it not so crushingly destructive to almost every aspect of life in the UK. The word itself is often prefixed with vague and misleading qualifiers, that only serve to further baffle and confuse observers. ‘Hard Brexit’, ‘Soft Brexit’ or even a ‘Red, White and Blue Brexit’.
@everybrexitbot produces tweets of the form “[adjective] brexit”, alphabetically from a list of 1346 adjectives.

Obviously, a computer could produce all the possible combinations in a fraction of a second, but that’s not really the point. By releasing them sequentially, there’s a sense of anticipation about what kind of brexit might be coming next.
Not entirely unlike the current state of affairs within the Conservative Party.
The ‘every word’ format twitter bot has been around for a while, with @everyword by Allison Parrish being the most notable.
Twitter lends itself to these forms, dropping in algo-phrases every few hours, some of which prompt a smile. More frequently they drift past, flotsam in the constantly spewing stream of social media ephemera.

Here’s a little Deep Fried Theresa May.