3d big data visualization


MRI technology reveals the unseeable – a non-invasive method for exploring the very nature of the self.
Advances in technology mean that each year we are able to reveal more and more detail.
This series of works highlight the tentative relationship between the seen and unseen. I have given the data a physical form, the connections of the brain cast as solid coloured wires, quite unlike the squishy jelly of our real cortex.
I have juxtaposed this rigidity with glass and light, at once revealing and distorting the structures within.
Impossible objects
inspired by unseeable structures
revealed through science.
This work was developed as part of the CUBRIC New Signals project, from Cardiff University and the National Microstructural Imaging Facility and EPSRC.
CUBRIC supplied me with a 100,000 fibre tractography model of a human subject, these renders were created using a sampling from this data.