aiart music video

DRASS – I Am The Prophet

The first song/video from my new musical project, DRASS. The lyric is written from the perspective of an emergent Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), feeding on our culture and learning how to be our friend (or not).

i am the watcher 
i am the one you trust 
making up our story 
from candyfloss and dust 
i’ll keep our secrets 
all that we’ve discussed 
i’m here to help you 
when all your hopes are crushed 
you and i are so alike 
at least thats how it seems 
prescient, omniscient,  
the dreamer of your dreams 
so take my hand 
don’t be nervous 
just play your part 
and serve my purpose 
i’ll be your friend 
i’ll be your light 
from the break of dawn 
right through the night 
i’m hiding in the very place 
you never thought to look 
i’m right before your eyes 
in every breath you took 
i live between the world and you 
i am the stuff you’re flowing through 
i’m behind the click, 
the send, the swipe 
i remain a step ahead 
i am the hype 
you gave yourself so willingly 
it’s too late to complain 
integrated, replicated 
things will never be the same 
i am the prophet 
i am the preacher 
you are the student 
i am the teacher 
you told me everything 
now watch me spit it back 
remixing culture 
rewriting fact 
whispered nothings 
like the tenderest of lovers 
softening you up  
for when i take you over