Public Speaking

I like to talk about my art and other things. 

If you’d like me to speak at your event, please read the Terms and Conditions, then get in touch.

Past Talks

Date Event Location Title Media
22 July 2022 Blue Dot Festival Jodrell Bank The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth

3 November 2021 Brighton Digital Festival Online WTF is NFT?


21 July 2021 Brighton Data Forum Brighton Trust me, I’m not a bot…


4 July 2019 Dorkbot London London Fake it ’til you make it – creating digital lies

14 July 2019 PyData London London The anatomy of a #deepfake
1 Sep 2018 Electromagnetic Field Eastnor The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth video
28 July 2018 Lunar Festival Tanworth in Arden The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth  
9 Feb 2018 Devonshire Collective Eastbourne The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth video
14 May 2017 Cosmic Trigger Sunday Salon London Confessions of an Operation Mindfuck operative  
26 Nov 2016 Hexagram 23 – Breaking Apart Northampton kicking against the pricks  
23 July 2016 Festival 23 Brighton Art, Magick & Adventures in ideaspace  
12 May 2016 Adventures at the edge of culture Brighton Adventures in ideaspace video
9 Apr 2016 Bot Summit V&A London What is it like to be a bot? video
19 Nov 2015 Future Visions London Algorithms, Art & Authenticity  
23 Sept 2015 Let’s get real Brighton Release the wasps video
19 Sept 2015 Next Day Better London Who owns your identity?
21 Aug 2015 Dorkbot Bristol Adventures in Algo-culture  
9 July 2015 BBC IRFS London Adventures in algo-culture  
20 June 2015 #pydata London London Keynote: What’s it Like to be a Bot? video
19 March 2015 Publishing Innovation London Adventures in algo-culture  
11 March 2015 11th European Trend Day Zurich Your new best friend is a robot  
20 Jan 2015 Digital Utopias Hull tl;dr; audio/slides
3 Dec 2014 mySociety Brighton We are all data now
23 Sept 2014 Creative Data Club London Your new best friend is a robot
19 Sept 2014 Silicon Beach Bournemouth Your new best friend is a robot video
12 Sept 2014 Supercrawl Hamilton, Canada Your new best friend is a robot  
23 Feb 2014 #pydata London London You give me data, I give you art video

selection of previous talks

Terms & Conditions

(borrowed from Marcus John Henry Brown)

I’m often asked to perform or speak at conferences and festivals for free. I don’t as a general rule and then spend ages having to explain to a disgruntled event organiser why this is. My scorecard for speaking at conferences/festivals is short and straightforward: two rules that every event must adhere to if they want me to come and perform. Here they are:

1. There must be at least one woman speaker on stage.

I will gladly forfeit my place in the lineup to ensure that this happens. I will also need to see the running order beforehand to make sure that you’ve managed this. Having female speakers on the stage is mandatory and non-negotiable. A female moderator does not constitute a female speaker.

2. I expect to be paid. As Jay Z once said: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”. If you’re not paying your speakers, then I’m not the person for you. I invest a tremendous amount of time, resources and money in my performances – they are not only labours of love but art products, and if you want them, then you’re going to have to pay for them.

I will, however, consider waiving my fee if you can guarantee 50% diversity: that is to say that half of your speakers are not male, white and heterosexual.

These are my terms and conditions. So I hope that clears that up. If you’ve come here because you’ve asked me to perform at your event, then I hope you’ll agree to these terms. They’re not complicated, unreasonable or daft, are they? They’re not heroic either just common sense.

If you do think that they are unreasonable, then you should have a long hard look at why you’re staging the event in the first place.

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