3d painting shardcorner

The year in review, 2006

There have been twenty nine aesthetic experiments completed since January, mainly, though not exclusively, in the medium of painting. As is to be expected of the experimental method, some have been more successful than others. Overall, however, I feel this years work marks a solid contribution to the field of aesthetic mischief.

The year started with a series of studies of human pathogens. Along the way, there were some scientists and philosophers, a fair few portraits of my reprobate friends, an instructional video and a metaphysical plaything.

Most notably, personally, was the opening, and unfortunate closing of shardcorner
which provided a brief opportunity to subvert the consciousness of complete strangers with my tiny-shop-window-by-the-traffic-lights. A most worthwhile experiment, and one that bears repeating.

2007 will see shardcore exhibiting as an ‘official’ member of Brighton Artists Open Houses in May – expect a frenzy of experimentation in 2007 as I attempt to fill my house to overflowing with arcane exercises in pareidolia.

Summary of analysis, big up to the Max Ernst massive.

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