Congregation painting

Chastity (2009)

Chastity is a pretty unpopular virtue. Outside of the seminary, there are few humans who choose the role of sexual abstinence. Though I’m told it’s popular these days amongst a certain subset of American teenagers.

I have painted Morrissey, who up until quite recently, publicly at least, claimed to lead a chaste life: “I’m just simply inches away from a monastery,” he once quipped.

Once again the silver paint has freaked out my camera – I shall have to invest in a polarizing filter…

2 thoughts on “Chastity (2009)”

  1. I’d like to see some real numbers in the chastity debate. Maybe I am just weird because I am with Moz on this one.
    This is a really dreamy depiction of him. I think I want it on my bedroom wall for my return to prepubescent boy-crazy bliss.

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