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Radio Eris

My friend JMR Higgs has written a book, an excellent book in fact, called KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money, concerning the influence of Robert Anton Wilson on the British rave band The KLF.

The book takes in the themes of Discordianism and the works of Robert Anton Wilson as a way of explaining why the KLF, as The K Foundation burnt a million quid in 1994.
I suggested to John that we could create an audio version of the book, read by a speech synthesiser, and release it in a limited form. However nothing digital is ever really limited these days, so we decided against simple downloadable file.
One of the key themes of the book is time, the notion of events being related to each other in time and space. For this reason, we decided that this should occur not as a time-shiftable podcast, but something which passes through time, never to be repeated.
So I built an algorithmic radio station.
Radio Eris is made up of a corpus of audio samples from many sources including: The KLF, Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Moore, Ivor Cutler, Dr Who, SubGenius and discussions of Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory.
The background ambient sounds are generated from KLF tracks, stretched to 8x their normal speed.
The order of the programming is controlled by the Eris of the modern age, the pseudo random number generator. The station switches semi-randomly between the samples, stopping at set times during the day to read out a section of the book.
The radio station is now online, and will remain online until midnight on the 7th December 2012, when it will cease broadcasting forever.