aiart algo generative text


After a small amount of consideration, I joined LinkedIn, the social network for business. Mostly because I’d heard it is a hotbed of self-indulgent personal-brand-development – which I find fascinating and horrific in equal measure.

My friend Matt Muir is far more au fait with such things and I enquired as to how best ‘engage’ with ‘the platform’. He informed me thus:

“write long, doublespaced, self-aggrandising, autofellatory screeds about how ace you are, disguised as heartwarming homilies about LIFE’S LESSONS.”

Clearly this is not something I could bring myself to do, but it seemed like the prefect job for some neural network text generation. I took the standard 117M GPT2 network and partially retrained it on various self-help books such as “The 7 habits of highly successful people” , “How to win friends and influence people” and other such horrors, to create a network which produces an infinite amount of text fitting Matt’s description.

I have begun posting samples, along with copious hashtags as posts from the Eric Drass account.

This will inevitably lead to the development of a high quality ‘professional network’.

Please do come and ‘connect’ with me.