aiart music video


music by Sam Hewitt

DRASS – see it, say it, slaughtered

Third track from DRASS. Available to stream from all the usual places.

DRASS – Shadow of Doubt

The second AV track from DRASS. The video is based around a 1923 clip of a dancer, processed with Stable Diffusion. 100 years later, she is reborn, dancing to a new tune, with a little…

DRASS – I Am The Prophet

The first song/video from my new musical project, DRASS. The lyric is written from the perspective of an emergent Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), feeding on our culture and learning how to be our friend (or…


music by Sam Hewitt


Chris Boogie

chris chris chris dancing, augmented by AI music: shardcore currently on show at Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt


special bonus crayon-drawn version

The Torinomicon

Algo-generated 16th C woodcuts of demons, printed into a tiny book. The Torinomicon contains a small selection of the demons which inhabit members of the Conservative Party. UPDATE I made 23 copies of an extended…